10 Ways Self Pity Will Destroy Your Mental Health

The insights I am sharing have saved my mental health, which has to do with discerning self-pity in my life. This monster wil seek to interfere in your ability to step out of imprisoning mindsets and behaviors. It will interfere in your ability to walk in greater mental health. Self-pity is a deceptive counterfeit to love, but it is not love. It appears as a form of self-comfort, but it does not bring empowering comfort. It is actually based on loathing, to the point that it keeps you stuck in disempowered and unhealthy patterns. It may deceive you to think you are looking at yourself with love, but it steals your awareness of empowerment.

Self-pity shows up the most whenever you are at a stretching point, you reach a current place of limitation or you are confronted with a need to make a change. Self-pity convinces you that change cannot happen and will look for evidence and other people to validate this perception. Self-Pity shows up on your worst days to prevent you from taking steps forward. Self pity cannot be called out or even cast out by someone else. You will have to see it and confront it within yourself. If someone does try to confront it in you, your initial reaction will be to get angry with them.Truth is, we don’t make progress when self-pity is not removed.

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