How Religious OCD GROWS

Today I address a question on religious OCD and scrupulosity that shows how an obsessive subject grows and expands. This will be a real life example. I will lay out step by step how an intrusive thought grows into an anxiety filled distortion. You will also receive some practical insight on how to walk into […]

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How Certain Christian Denominations Can Influence Religious OCD & Scrupulosity

Does your Christian church upbringing have an influence on where your religious obsessive-compulsive thoughts go? How much does your denominational affiliation influence scrupulosity in your life? I want to use my pastoral experience and passion for mental health to speak into various denominations I have experienced and how they contribute to where OCD struggles often […]

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The subject Belief or believing is an important aspect of learning and growing in the Christian faith. But when you have OCD, this can get off the rails very easily. One of the common patterns of religious OCD and scrupulosity is the compulsive pattern of “checking” your believing….checking, checking and rechecking, with a distorted sense […]

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3 Responses to Intrusive Thoughts and Religious Obsessions

Religious OCD

How do we respond to these intrusive thoughts that create so much disturbance within us about our salvation, our standing with God and our sense of peace? How can we respond in a fruitful way that will actually help me overcome? Many get stuck in their obsessions because they compulsively argue, research, debate, ruminate, seek […]

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I Address Your OCD Questions Live! #08


Join me as I address the questions you have sent regarding obsessive compulsive struggles and the battles that surround the healing and freedom journey. Within today’s broadcast, I will dive deep into a variety of subjects that relate to OCD, including: I Emphasizes The 7 Distortions of OCD Guilt Confession OCD about Relationships and Real […]

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I Address Your OCD Questions Live! #05

Today I address your questions that have been sent in regarding obsessive compulsive struggles. Video Broadcast: OCD Help Page Mental Health Resource Page Recommended Resources:  The Heart Healing Journey God Loves Me and I Love Myself! Restoring the Power of Nurture To support future videos:  Consider a one-time donation. Become a monthly supporter. Join a free month of […]

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