5 Types of Dysfunctional Families

As you become aware of how your upbringing impacted your life, it can be helpful to understand some themes of dysfunction you may have grown up with. Today I want to talk about dysfunctional families and five types that I have seen impact the mental and emotional health of people negatively. Video Broadcast: Watch on […]

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Understanding Your Family of Origin

Family of Origin

If you want to experience healing and freedom in your mental, emotional and relationship health, you will at some point need to understand your family of origin and how it impacted your development. It is important to know where you come from and how it influences your current thinking, believing and style of relating. Your […]

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Working Through Accusation and Being Misunderstood

Being Misunderstood

Today we address a question that was sent in about processing through accusation that can be felt from family and the emotional spinning you can fall into when feeling you are being misunderstood. Video Broadcast: OCD Help Page Mental Health Resource Page Recommended Resources:  Rejection Mindset To support future videos:  Consider a one-time donation. Become a monthly […]

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Let’s Talk About Your Parents

Parent Wounds

If you are passionate about mental, emotional and relationships health, you will need to take the journey of understanding your relationship with your parents. Some avoid this at all costs. Others wash over it without healthy awareness. There is good, bad and even ugly that many experience when it comes to our relationship with our […]

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