Love Heals Irritability

Are you irritable? Are you constantly struggling with chronic irritability? I pray today’s insight will be a blessing to your healing and freedom journey, as my goal will be to help you get to the heart of irritability and give you new perspectives on what you may be struggling with.

Today’s insights are inspired by Paul’s exhortation in 1 Corinthians 13:5, which teaches us that love is “not provoked.” This was first addressed in a previous broadcast, “Love is Not So Easily Triggered.” Today I want to go deeper and talk about your emotional state, your mood and the problem of irritability. One of the definitions of this word “provoked” can speak of irritability.

I think it is important to understand irritability, how it impacts our mood and the importance of cultivating an empowered mood. Over the course of my life, I had very deep challenges when it came to my overall mood. Most of my life, I dealt with chronic anxiousness and an overall heavy state of mind. I would say there were many days of feeling dark, low and just negative.

There were many layers to what was influencing my life. Some of it was not being connected to experiencing unconditional love, my lack of mentoring and being performance driven and perfectionistic. My coping mechanisms were filled with self-pity, self-loathing and victim thinking. I found myself leaning towards negativity constantly, yet not knowing how to walk in a better way.

As a part of my healing journey, I have recognized that cultivating an empowered mood–an empowered emotional state, would be a learning journey for the rest of my life. So I have become a life-long student of learning what helps my mood and how to overcome irritability. The greatest experiences of healing aspects of irritability in my heart has been allowing the work of love to heal and renew my heart. Today I will share with you how that took place. I pray I can help you get more to the bottom of irritability and live a more free journey.

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