Love Can Handle What You Are Going Through

When we look on our journey, the people who loved us the most are the ones that added the most to our life. Those who showed that even through our hard times, in our struggles and in our brokenness, they hung in there with us. It can be life changing when someone simply lives out the power of love that says, “I am here for you.

Through thick and thin, I am here.” As I look back on my journey, there have been many trying times, many difficulties and struggles. In those seasons, you can begin to lose certain relationships in your life. It can be tempting to become resentful at them. But I decided that I want to keep a record. But this record is not one of resentment. I want to keep a record of those who have demonstrated the ability to hang in there with me, to stick around when others drift away. I never want to forget those people who hang around when it could be easy to walk away. Those who show they love you, believe in you and don’t reject you; they become the most meaningful people in your journey.

Look back and think about those who carried that kind of love. When you were down, when you were out or going through hell, they stuck with you. Love has the power to hang in there with you, no matter what.

Love can handle what you are going through. Love hangs in there with you.

1 Corinthians 13:7 – Love bears all things

This is especially true in how God relates to us. He loves us. He is love. So when you are going through your worst, He is still at His best. When you think His love ran out for you, it has just gotten started. When you are faithless. He is faithful. And most of all, God has a way of loving you through it all, no matter what you’ve done or have been struggling with. Many of you are at a place in your mental and emotional health where you are being brought to the realization of how much the Father loves you.

For so long, you have been measuring your sense of peace and lovability based on how well you perform. It has driven you to exhaustion, kept you in torment and trapped you into constantly spinning your wheels. Today I want to remind you of God’s ability to love you so much that He hangs in there with you through thick and thin. You may be tempted to believe that He has left you, that He has cast you away or that is so disappointed with you, He doesn’t want to be near you. Those lies are simply sent to prevent you from the beautiful, faithful and constant love of God.

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