Living from a Powerful Identity [Video]

One of the greatest core struggles manifesting today is the lack of identity. Missing from the heart’s of people is a true confidence in knowing who they are and what makes them unique in this world to make a difference. God has given each of us a powerful identity, but it is very rare to find those who are securely connected to it.

The reason this problem exists in great measure is because we never affirmed in our identity. Identity must be fathered and bestowed into our hearts, or we will spend our lives performing for an identity or looking for approval in all the wrong places.

Every temptation and struggle we have in our lives leads back to forgetting the power of who we are. The restoration process must involve a building of our identity as God sees us and living from the simplicity of being God’s child.

Jesus needed the experience of His Father speaking and affirming His identity. If Jesus needed to hear who He was, then you and I certainly need to hear who we are. In this teaching, I will help you to see the need to know who you are and the three needs we all carry: the need for love, the need to know who we are and the need for approval and validation.

Video Broadcast:

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Special thanks to Jordan Rio for his amazing videography on this message.

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