Learning to Live in Sonship

When we recieve Christ, a new identity is given to us. But what is given to us in a moment takes a journey to discover. The new identity in Christ that we have been given is simple and fundamental, yet it is the most powerful position to live from. You are a son or daughter of God.

To discover the depth of sonship over your life is what the journey of identity discovery involves.

But you have to allow yourself to walk the journey of learning who you really are.

An Overwhelming Gift of Grace

I often illustrate the journey through the following analogy. Imagine a homeless person came to the front door of your home. Standing in worn jeans covered with the dirt of the streets, he asks if you could spare some change for him to get bread and a cup of coffee to get him through the day.

Although taken off guard by this interruption, you are moved by compassion for this man. Out of a deep sense of love for the man, you actually surpass his meager request and propose something greater. Instead of simply giving this homeless man some change, you invite him into your home and make him an offer to become a part of your family.

You tell him he has a room in the house where he can live, and he can sit at the table and eat meals with your family. You give him the offer to become your son.

With this offer, you invite him to become a part of your family—taking on a new first name and appropriating your last name. He would also be given a chance to work in your family business. All that is available to your other children would be available to him. He has just been given the “winning lotto ticket” of opportunities.

Receiving the New

If he accepts this invitation, everything changes overnight, but there is much he is going to have to learn in order to live as a son and not as a homeless man. There are survival techniques he will need to put aside—patterns of lying and thievery he will have to let go of.

He will need to address certain vices and addictions, while also getting used to being loved on, rather than being ignored and put aside. He will also need to learn the accountability of being connected to a home, whereas he previously had to answer only to himself.

It is the same way in our walk with God. Some people step up to the invitation; putting away slavery and taking on the new identity of sonship available to them. Although learning the ways of a son is a journey, the brave take it on by faith and allow themsleves to practice and grow.

Many others remain in the familiarity of spiritual slavery, remaining under the bondage of limitations.

Are you ready to live the life of a son?

Moving into sonship will involve looking at every area of your life and asking, “How would a son approach this?

Where am I still living as a spiritual slave?

In everything I do, how can I live as a son before my Father in heaven, who loves me?

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