Learning to Be Patient with Your Journey

When I engaged the power of patience with my whole heart, it actually accelerated my healing and freedom journey. It almost sounds contradictory, but patience has an ability to enhance what your heart needs.

When I lived under self-pressure, it slowed everything down and actually made it harder. Patience actually sped up the trajectory of my transformation. 

When I engaged patience and let go of the yoke of pressure, I was able to see the long view, versus focusing on whether or not I was having instant breakthrough. My eyes were open to seeing that I didn’t get here overnight. Therefore, I needed to sit back, let the journey open up and take its course. 

“It will take as long as it takes.”

Leaning into Process

Patience plugs you into the journey and relieves you from “destination disease.” You need to know that heart healing and transformation is a process. I’m not going to figure it all out overnight and neither are you. The more room you make for process and the journey, the more effective transformation will become. You and I have to grow in a process that takes time; way more time than we ever anticipated. 

If you will stop putting pressure on yourself and plug into God’s process for you, you’ll connect to the enjoyment that your journey can reveal.

When I lean into patience, it slows me down, so that I pay more attention to what is in front of me. I embrace the growth I have available to me right now.

The funny thing I’ve observed is that slowing down can actually accelerate and enhance your growth. You want things to speed up? Slow down and learn to live in the power of patience. 

What your heart longs for wont happen under pressure, striving and excess burden. 

It’s only under the power of patience. 

The Battle to Experience Patience

The enemy will accuse you all day with added pressure, telling you that you should have arrived long ago. Remember, satan is all about adding pressure. Jesus is all about releasing you of pressure. 

When you say, “It will take as long it takes,” it disempowers the enemy’s tactics. It says to the inner critic, “So what if I’ve not arrived. I am on my journey.” 

Casting Out Perfectionism

One of the great enemies to transformation is the toxicity of perfectionism. It robs you of process and conditions you to live under constant pressure, leaving you in a defeated lifestyle. 

In God’s eyes, His perfecting work flows through His loving patience. James says, “Let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.” (James 1:4). That word translated “patience” also speaks of endurance, an ability to steadfastly wait. 

You want to experience the greatest amount of transformation, maturity and growth? Learn to immerse yourself in patience. In your heart healing journey, let patience have the work it needs to have. 

Is it that simple? Sounds easy, but in the midst of life, being patient is one of the most challenging traits to exemplify. Yet God says His perfecting work is found when we exercise patience. 

So, here is what we need to say. In the midst of your most difficult days and struggles to find breakthroughs, it’s time to declare: 


Question: How can you apply the power of patience to where you are today? 

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