Learning to Be Kind to Yourself

If I had the ability to hear your inner dialogue, odds are, I may have to call family protective services, I bet a large percentage of self-talk is negative, harsh and down right abusive.

Unfortunately, most of us have accepted toxic self-talk as just a way of life. But when I learned there was a greater frequency I could tune into, it changed my life. I discovered the beauty of God’s love language as I learned to relate to His kindness.

Love is Kind

Kindness is the atmosphere of what love gives out. When you meet someone who is loving, you discover the power of the love they possess through the kindness that radiates off of them. It’s not just the words they say. It’s the posture they carry and the aroma surrounding their words that settle your heart into relationship. 

When someone constantly acts and responds in kindness, you want to be around them. Kindness sets the atmosphere of relational interaction. It is also the catalyst for long-term transformation to occur. 

The key activation is that you need to learn to engage kindness towards yourself. When you look in the mirror and relate to yourself, every thought and word needs to come under the influence and domain of kindness. Immerse your inner dialogue with kindness and you have now set yourself up to experience the healing and freedom your heart desires. 

Learning the Language of Kindness

So how do you actually experience this?

It all starts with addressing your self-talk, the inner dialogue that follows you all day long. You live with a built-in narrator that interprets everything you experience. Whether you acknowledge it or not, you have an all-day story playing on auto repeat within your thoughts. It sets the tone for how you see God, yourself and the world around you.

Most of your self-talk is probably very negative and self-rejecting. If you live in autopilot, a swarm of disempowering and unkind thoughts will follow you from the moment you awake until you sleep. 

I spent many years of my life living under the constant influence of these thoughts. At first, I began renouncing the various spiritual attacks that made me an enemy to myself. Self-rejection, self-hate, self-condemnation and self-contempt were at the top of the list. 

Although this was helpful and got things started, my heart began to turn a corner when I welcomed the new inner dialogue into my life. I interrupted the negative self-talk with a new track of kindness. I made a firm decision to speak kindly over myself, which opened my heart to love like never before.

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