I Answer Your Questions Live! #04

Today I addresss a number of questions on various subjects, from toxic marriage issues and discouragement, to understanding the Father and specific questions on the healing journey.

Here are a list of questions I address:

  • Intro into our ministry/questions
  • What is the Root of Disappointment
  • Toxic Marriage
  • Working Through Social Anxiety/Good Conversations
  • Dealing with Suicide
  • Feeling Condemned Over Another Persons Journey
  • Advice For Sickness
  • Learning To Communicate Effectively
  • Teaching My Children While I Struggle Myself
  • Should Salvation Bring More Instant Results
  • Preaching on Conviction 1:09:20 Sharing With Family
  • Emptiness After Letting Go of Performance
  • Feeling God’s Presence More
  • Healing Father Wounds
  • Stuck In Your Head
  • Breaking Soul Ties
  • Healing Perfectionism/Black & White Thinking
  • Getting Out of Your Head
  • Generational Curses/Can They Be Broken?
  • Being Vulnerable
  • Healing Stomach Issues

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