I Address Your OCD Questions Live! #03

Today I dive into more questions that have been sent in relating to OCD struggles. I pray that your heart is encouraged and empowered as you work through the areas of your life that can get caught in obsessive and compulsive struggles. May it add life and love to what you are working through.

Video Broadcast:

Here are a list of the subjects I covered:

  • Mental Health & The War Over God’s Love
  • Fear of man & Sharing The Gospel
  • Should I Pay Attention to The Anxiety?
  • Anxiety Over My Health Battles
  • OCD with Music
  • Can I My Progress?
  • Rejection Issues
  • Checking/Contamination OCD
  • Fear of Not Bearing Fruit
  • Needing Validation
  • Struggle with “The Want To”
  • Not Loving Children Unconditionally
  • Scrupulosity, Depression and Distorted Interpretation
  • OCD: past Mistakes and Sins
  • OCD: Vows & Curses
  • Relationship OCD
  • OCD with Decision Making
  • Unbelief
  • Seeing Specific Numbers
  • Ruminating
  • Processing Emotions
  • Being Ok w Music
  • Freedom From Guilt
  • Processing Negative Thoughts

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