6 Stages for Strengthening Your Identity in Christ

Identity in Christ

I want to practically help you with some fruitful stages of how you can strengthen your identity and experience the blessing of connecting to who you are in Christ. Video Broadcast: Recommended Resources:  Experiencing God’s Love as Your Father Exposing the Rejection Mindset To support future videos:  Consider a one-time donation. Become a monthly supporter. Join a free […]

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8 Signs You Are in an Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis

Could it be the symptoms you are manifesting actually reveal that you are going through a personal identity crisis? If so, this can be a really good thing…if you are open. For God is at work right now to restore what it means to really know who you are.  For most of us, our battles […]

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How to Live as God’s Child

God's Child, Identity

Who are you? If I was to sit down with you and ask who you are, what would come to the surface? For most believers, we can give lip service to phrases like, “I am a child of God” or “I am an overcomer,” but when the rubber meets the road in our daily life, […]

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Empowering Your Identity


In this video, I will walk you through the process by which God will strengthen and enhance your identity. Amidst the identity crisis that looms over our culture, it’s important that you get grounded in who you really are in Christ. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself, “Who do I think I am?” […]

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