Are You a Slave or a Son?

When we live like slaves, we live as orphans. Rejection is an orphan spirit, and it trains you to see yourself and your life through the lens of an orphan. This means that there is a lack of a true sense of belonging or family connection, where you never feel safe or plugged into any community.

Slaves can be surrounded by people and still feel disconnected.

The insidious mindset of a slave is orchestrated by rejection and loves to keep generations fixated on an orphan’s perspective. With God, we are never left as orphans, but rejection comes against this understanding, keeping slaves locked into feelings of abandonment and of being an outsider.

Just as in the natural, orphans have no sense of belonging, no identity and no connection, spiritual orphans feel the same. They lack any sense of affirmation in their heart and they wander without purpose. The orphan mindset teaches us to survive, instead of to thrive and overcome.

Through living as survivors, slaves become runners. As soon as you get close to them, they bolt, because they fear experiencing true intimacy. Their daily life centers around protecting themselves, using any survival mechanisms they can, to get by.

“The orphan mindset teaches us to survive, instead of to thrive and overcome.”

Sons on the other hand do not live with an orphan mindset, because they have received their invitation to be with the Father. They live in a constant understanding that they are loved and approved, and do not feel the need to work for it or to run. A son does not earn his position as a son; he is born into it.

The power of our spiritual birth, the born-again experience, is that God releases an invitation for us to become born anew, where we can receive our new identity as sons. With this identity, we gain the opportunity to be at home with the Father, to sit with the Father and to dine with Him.

The slave’s orphan mindset keeps him serving the Father’s table, but he never has the relationship a son has. He’s always on the outside, never feeling a part of the family of God. This leaves him feeling restless and unable to settle in relationship, with God or others.

Question: Where are you recognizing that you think like an orphan instead of a son?

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