12 Signs You Live with a Victim Mentality

The victim mentality is deeply rooted and connected to the rejection mindset. They work together to keep you underneath the limitations that you bump up against. Victim thinking is rejection’s foot solider to keep you from seeing any picture of freedom for yourself. It is always seeking to keep you underneath the lid of limitation.

A victim mentality says there are no options and no choices. The opposite of a victim is an overcomer. You will be challenged at many stages in your life to think more like a victim than an overcomer. So this subject takes honest assessment and self-awareness to observe where victim thinking is having an influence. 

The worst thing about being wounded and hurt in your life, is that those experiences can seek to become a part of who you are, locking your identity into a posture of seeing yourself as a victim.

In this video, I want to help you identify the presence of a victim mentality and help you walk into freedom:

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