Will You Face Your Fears or Avoid Them?

Luke’s gospel reminds us that in the last days, Men’s hearts failing them for fear (Luke 21:26). Not only will fear influence the spiritual/emotional heart of people, it will also have a great effect on our physiological hearts as well.

The truth is, opportunities to become afraid are rising and will continue to rise.

The question is not, “when will things get easier?” Too many believers looking for things to get easier.

The real question is, “are we willing to face our fear battles and grow as overcomers?”

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A Call to Overcome Fear

When I wrote the first edition of I Will Not Fear years ago, I was sobered to the war that fear was bringing to my life and those around me. I felt a strong call to warn people of their need to live a more fear-free life.

I had gone through an intense season of untangling myself from the spider web of anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive thoughts and constant dread. I began to share the freedom I discovered with anyone that God put in my path.

I felt a great sense of urgency, because I kept noticing that people were not really dealing with their fears, church people included. The broken areas of their heart were being ignored. It’s like everyone had their head stuck in the sand regarding the captivity they were being held in.

A Sober Awakening

Instead of rising up and overcoming fear, I watched a consistent pattern of people running to comfort to escape their pain and finding the road of least resistance in decisions, rather than facing the fears that were holding them back. Burying the broken and fearful areas of their heart was easier than facing them.

Too many are making life decisions, not based on what is best, but what seems least fearful. This pattern has left so many unprepared for what they need to face while masses of people are settling for a lower potential.

The fears we do not face eventually catch up to us as life gets more challenging.

The good news is that you can overcome fear’s influence over your heart. Life doesn’t get easier, but you can get equipped to overthrow the fear that is seeking to keep you from the victorious future that belongs to you.

The Need for Equipping

There are those who are well aware of how fear is affecting their life, but don’t know what to do. Like myself many years ago, they have no tools or training on dealing with the everyday thoughts that plague them. They live with constant anxiety, bouts of worry or sudden panic attacks that just take over.

Today, some people come to my office with panic attacks saying, “I don’t know what’s going on. I’ve never had anything like this before.” Unfortunately, that example is happening more and more. It shows how little we have been equipped to combat the fear factor in our life.

The Virus of Fear

Fear is spreading throughout the earth at a rapid pace; stealing the peace of people’s hearts while holding people captive to an inner world of unrest. It is viral in nature and very contagious. More people than ever before are manifesting the anguish that fear brings to their emotions, mind and body.

Whether it is anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, worry or timidity, the goal of fear is still the same: steal, kill and destroy. This underground torment is harassing our families, communities, churches and fellowships in massive numbers.

Many people suffer quietly, because of the shame they have regarding their inner torment. As a result of fear’s attacks, people are showing increasing signs of mental unrest and a lack of wholeness. Fear is infecting our financial perspective, the decisions we make and how we do relationships.

The cry of my heart is to attack this fear problem at a higher level because it is affecting hearts both outside the church and within. The pain of those who are bound and held captive is way too loud to ignore. In fact, this burning passion combined with indignation, propelled me to leave everything and invest my whole life helping people face their fears and overcome.

The Damage Fear Creates

Fear seeks to rob mankind of peace, hope and bold faith. It is depriving people of being able to give and receive love. Brothers and sisters have lost their sense of rest and are unable to hear God’s voice because they have been clouded by fear’s arsenal.

Because of fear, people are losing excitement, vision and even physical health. Stress is on our nations to the point that people have become emotionally and physically ill. For example, I have personally witnessed a number of people going to the emergency room with chest pains. Their tests came out normal, but what they were experiencing was the growing effects of anxiety and stress.

The Search for Answers

Meanwhile, masses of people are desperately seeking relief from various forms of anxiety related struggles. As a result, masses are turning to any resource in order to find relief. Many are emotionally “checking out” because they are weary of not seeing any breakthrough. Others numb out with an addiction to escape the torment. Yet in the hearts of people, there is a genuine cry that says, “There must be more than this.”

Living as a Christian since childhood, it amazes me that believers struggle with just as much anxiety and worry as those who are unbelievers, with little improvement. I myself came under its grip for quite some time, which sent me on a journey to find true and solid answers from God to set me free.

A Line in the Sand

I firmly believe that fear has dominated our thoughts, decisions and relationships for too long. The time has come to put a stop to it, but we’ve got to start talking about this subject more. Look around your church, workplace and family and the majority of the faces you see are struggling with fear-related battles. Why are we not talking about this subject more?

The only way freedom will take place is when we as brothers and sisters start sharing our journey and supporting each other to overcome the blockades that fear puts up. We need to get equipped to know why fear sneaks into our lives and how to rid ourselves of its influence.  It’s time we declare that fear will no longer hold us back.

Today you can say, “God I want to take a new step,” and on the authority of what the Bible says, you can walk towards wholeness. Our Heavenly Father wants to set His children free from fear and the effects it has put on their mind, health and relationships. This message is a timely one that will have earth shattering effects on communities that apply it. God’s desire is to free us, so we can help free others.

I am praying for the overcomers who will rise up and take the journey that declares, “I Will Not Fear.

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