S08 Ep11: Addressing Your Questions – Part 1

In today’s episode, we recorded a live Q&A, where we address your questions and the battles you face in your heart journey.

Of the questions we addressed, here are some of the topics we addressed and more:

  • What a safe person is.
  • How to interact with unsafe people.
  • How to interact with the opposite sex in healthy ways.
  • Growing up with an alcoholic parent.
  • When your heart is dead and lifeless.
  • How to interpret where you are.
  • Obsessive and compulsive battles
  • Finding tribal connection.
  • What to do after leaving a performance driven church.
  • Struggles with connecting to God’s Word.
  • Dealing with church cliques.

Video Broadcast:

Below are some of the written questions that were sent in. We addressed them and also addressed the live comments posted.

How to Interact with Unsafe People

What do we do with the unsafe ppl in the church that happen to also be believers? How do we also fellowship with them?

Interacting with the Opposite Sex

Do you have any practical tips on how to healthily fellowship with other believers, especially those of the opposite sex?

Alcoholism in Home, Low Self-Esteem, Trust Issues with Men . . . 

My step father was an alcoholic and verbally and physically abusive to my mother. I have low  self esteem issues, confidence issues, poor self image, etc. I viewed two videos on Youtube today and the topic was Healing Father Wounds: I did not know if any wounds were there. After viewing the videos I became aware of the Father Wounds I have. My  step father and Mother are divorced: and my Mother is deceased. I don’t usually have very good romantic relationships with men. I’m not very trusting and I have been a victim of abuse.

My Heart is Dead and Lifeless:

I feel like my heart is completely dead and lifeless. I know Christ said in the end hearts will grow cold and faith will fail. I’ve gotten to a point where I can’t believe in God’s love to me or Christ’s atonement for me, which is pretty scary. What would you recommend to someone who’s fallen into such despair as this?

OCD (Connection to Question About Dead Heart):

My OCD has gotten way way out of control. Other OCD sufferers are telling me my problem is 99% OCD. I just sit and cry and can’t even process things. 

Finding Tribal Connection: 

I love you guys, I was very blessed by all your episodes. You both such a blessing to me, glad I found you.

I guess for me I am just in this strange place where I don’t quite find my tribes. I have this deep hunger for the lord and the things of God. But consistently feel something out of place, a kind of discontent. 

I am currently in an Church more like a hide out to find rest and healing for my soul. But always yearning to be somewhere else. I am struggle as I don’t find right fellowship or relationship to connect with. Is this normal?

Feeling Dead to God’s Word:

My question is how can I get from being dead to God’s Word and have it come alive in my heart.

I must take God for granted because I can’t seem to take the cross and be really grateful to Christ. I really don’t get grace mercy and His love.

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