S03 Ep09: Are You Teachable?

If you position yourself to become teachable, the floodgates of opportunity and transformation can open up in dynamic ways. Yet at the same time, not being teachable is one of the top reasons people do not change, grow or maximize their potential.

Search the history of many people’s lives and you will discover that they never positioned themselves to be taught or mentored under someone. They did not learn to humble themselves and serve under another leader. They did not learn the important lesson of being teachable.

Sometimes in the first few minutes of talking to someone, you can tell they are not teachable. They may be full of ideas, opinions and perspectives, but they have not been seasoned under the training and input from others. I truly believe this can become a major limitation in someone’s life.

The good news is that you can make the decision to become teachable right now. You can humble yourself and take a different posture in relationships, where instead of trying to show what you know; position yourself to learn in every situation.

Sometimes we don’t gain the transformational power we need unless our hearts become humble and teachable. In this episode, we want to talk about teachability and what it can mean to your transformational journey to practice it.

Video Broadcast:

In this episode, we talk about: 

  • The power of teachability.
  • What it means to become teachable.
  • Some key ingredients you need to go to the next level in your transformation.
  • How you can position yourself to become teachable.

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