S02 Ep07: Identifying Destructive Agreements

Everyone is led and motivated by agreements that propel our thoughts, perceptions and actions. Some of these agreements are empowering and fruitful. Yet there are many thoughts that are destructive and hold us back from walking in the wholeness that is available. 

It is important that we recognize many underlying agreements we have that are not fruitful. But what are they? How do we begin to learn what thought patterns need to be recognized so that we can do business with them and get free?

In this last episode of this series, we want to talk about destructive agreements and how to identify them in a way that is fruitful and helpful.

Yet as we learn to identify destructive thought patterns in our life, we need to cultivate an atmosphere of love and grace. If not, we will easily come under shame, condemnation and guilt. We will be hard on ourselves and add pressure. When we come under extra pressure, things only get harder.

Its only when we learn to discern in an atmosphere of love that we can gain greater clarity on our struggles and find the “why” behind a lot of our brokenness.

Video Broadcast:

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How negative and destructive agreements effect us.
  • What is an agreement?
  • How to identify negative themes of agreement
  • Naming those agreements.
  • Getting to the “why” behind much of our junk. 
  • How to cultivate an atmosphere of love so God can show you in greater clarity.
  • The danger of being hard on yourself in the process.

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TRANSCRIPT – S02 EP07 Identifying Destructive Agreements