S02 Ep06: Getting Honest About Your Thinking Grid

You are the culmination of the thoughts and beliefs you’ve held onto and have seen to be true. Where those thoughts came from is a key question, but everyone carries an internal grid of thoughts, beliefs and perspectives that follow us. It becomes the matrix by which we interpret life and process relationships.

We can receive a thought from God, the enemy or another person. We can have a thought that arises from our current belief system that is already in place. They become a part of memory recall that rises up in certain situations. How you feel about yourself, God and the world around you is stored within your soul, where you can easily recall them. These thoughts systems that are stored within us become a lens for what thoughts we allow to enter for thinking in the future.

Long term memory has a part of this too. Whether it was a moment when we were young, a memory of our parent’s opinion of us, or something we were taught in a class, long term memory is stored within us. The imprint of those experiences can even be stored within our bodies.

The memories that have the greatest impression and the beliefs formed there are the ones that affect us the most. The perceptions of those memories have the ability to form our view of the future.

Getting Honest About Your Thinking Grid

Our lens of life, our belief of God and our anticipated view of others become formed in long term memory and motivate our future thought patterns. They become a part of us and contribute to creating our view on life. The soul is the culmination of all the thoughts, impressions and belief systems that we have taken in. The expression of our soul forms how we present ourselves to the world.

Not only are thoughts stored within us, but the feelings, impressions and perceptions that come with thoughts are also stored. So when we recall a thought, how we “feel” about it also comes to the surface. Memories form how we see our past, which often has a great deal of effect on how we step into the future.

In this episode, we want to talk about the current thinking grid you possess and encourage you to get honest about it. Are we able to see areas that are disempowering, so that we can invite God to heal us and upgrade our thinking?

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • How your thinking grid is developed.
  • What influences your thinking grid.
  • Why it takes courage to enhance your thinking grid.
  • How enhancing your thinking grid can make way for a more prosperous journey.

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