S02 Ep05: The Spiritual Battle Over Your Thoughts

In this series, we have been discussing the power of transforming your thinking. In it, we have been addressing four main ways we receive thoughts. It’s important that we realize we have a spiritual enemy that can give us a thought, that sounds like our own thinking, but does not originate from our own intellect.

The Bible talks about a wrestling that we are engaged against. Spiritual warfare 101 really comes down to understanding where thoughts coming from. We have to understand that the enemy can give you a thought.

It started in Genesis. Satan gave Adam and eve a thought. They came into agreement with it. Sin then gained access.

All throughout the Bible, we see this war being shown in thoughts, decisions and actions that play out in people’s live. Jesus granted the church an authority to carry out in His name, but being aware of our thought life is a personal responsibility. It is crucial that we learn who we are paying attention to in our thoughts.

What we want to help you understand is that you have a lot of negative, disempowering, sin based thoughts that come your way from the enemy. These are not your own thoughts, but they are looking for agreement in your life. If you are not active and aware, you can easily come underneath the influence of them.

These thoughts from the enemy are working in you, but they are not you. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking, just because you have a thought, means that you are that thought–that thought is who you are. You are the one that gets to choose the thoughts that will become a part of your life.

So in this episode, we want to highlight the spiritual war over your thoughts and help you see how the enemy can give you a thought and how to start walking in more freedom.

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In this episode, we talk about: 

  • The invisible war going on over your thoughts.
  • Recognizing that not every thought is your own.
  • Realizing that the enemy can give you a thought, and it can sound like it is your own voice.
  • Learning to become more aware of your personal thought life.
  • Identifying thoughts that are from the enemy that you can separate out as “not you” and stop beating yourself up.
  • Take charge of your thought life in a more empowering way.

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TRANSCRIPT – S02 Ep05: The Spiritual Battle Over Your Thoughts