S02 Ep02: Where Do Thoughts Come From?

In order to develop a healthy and empowered thought life, we need to understanding where thoughts come from. Too often, we live in autopilot when it comes to our thinking. We just let every thought come flying in, without any sense or realization as to where those thoughts came from?

When God approached Adam and Eve after they had sinned, He asked the question, “Who told you that?” to Adam’s statements. It can be a healthy practice for us to ask ourselves the question, “Who told me this?” when it comes to many of the thoughts that motivate and influence our perspectives and behaviors.

Understanding Where Thoughts Come From

We need to understand that thoughts are incredibly powerful. But we also need to understand where thoughts come from. Thoughts do not just fall out of thin air, out of nowhere, and simply land on us. There is often an source of these thoughts that can be helpful to understand, especially when we realize that there is a spiritual war over our thinking.

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In this week’s episode we discuss:

  • The power of knowing where thoughts come from.
  • Becoming more aware of the thoughts that influence your life.
  • Identifying 4 main sources of thought in life.

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