S02 Ep01: Transforming Your Thinking

In this second season, we delve into the subject of our thoughts and transforming our thinking. The thoughts that we dwell on in our life can and will form the potential of our life and journey. As we learn to walk healed, freed and transformed, we have to address how we think.

The greatest difference in those who overcome and those who don’t often comes down to how they think. Whenever we get stuck in life, it’s usually an invitation to upgrade our thinking.

It is certain that we cannot go through life, expect to grow and not change our thinking. Each day, month and year of our lives calls for an upgrade in how we think. We have to continually grow, enhance and expand how we think–to stretch with where God is taking us.

We want to invite you into a journey of becoming more empowered with your thinking. You are in charge of what you think about. God and no one else will do it for you. How we think is so critically important, but were we really taught how to think? As you think, so are you, but how do we cultivate an empowering thought life? 

In this episode, we want to talk about the power of your thoughts, moving towards empowered thinking and four key things that thoughts do that influence your life greatly.

Video Broadcast:

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The power of our thoughts and transformation.
  • The need for cultivating empowering thinking.
  • How thoughts determine your focus in life.
  • Addressing our deep belief systems.
  • What is the story you carry in life?
  • How changing your story can change everything.
  • Changing what you look for in life.

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S02 Ep01 Transforming Your Thinking TRANSCRIPT