Love Strengthens Hope

This message is dedicated to all my brothers and sisters who are struggling with deep discouragement, weariness or even depression. I want to be a voice of healing and freedom for your life and speak to the heart of this issue, so that life can begin to reignite the power of hope within you.

So many of us today have been spiritually and emotionally beat up, it has taken a toll on the hope we carry in our hearts. Is your hope deferred, damaged, broken or weak? Has it gone into a place of depression?

Today’s broadcast is a message of love to your heart. The hope I want to share with you has helped me work through seasons of depression and find my bearings in the toughest of times. In seasons of deep discouragement, I felt like my hope was shattered. In the midst of this darkness, I learned how to relate to God’s love in such a way that I was able to experience renewal in my hope.

May your hope experience healing today. . .

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