Love Empowers Belief

The power of God’s love has a way of enhancing our ability to believe. When we experience a deeper connection to love, the tank of our ability to believe gets filled and empowered. On the other hand, our ability to believe can feel like it is getting shipwrecked with our hearts are struggling with disconnect to love.

When you see someone struggling to believe, you will often find someone who carries a broken heart and the absence of the power of love in their life. Disappointment has taken over. Weariness has gotten the upper hand. Life has a way of beating the belief out of you.

That is why the healing power of love is needed in our lives every day. We need it to heal and recover from all the experiences were are going through. When love has not been imbedded in someone’s heart, it can be so easily to lose hope and struggle to believe.

Many believers are trying to help their belief with a “I think I can” kind of approach. They try and try harder, but struggle to make progress, because there is a love issue missing in their heart.

When you love someone in a way that it impacts their heart, it can literally bring their belief system back to life. That’s what love does. It revives hope, renews your perspective, gives you meaning and purpose.

For many of you in your journey, you just need the experience of being loved back to life. Today I pray I can encourage that in your journey.

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