Loneliness Part 3: Interpreting Your Lonely Feelings

What do those lonely feelings mean? Remember, loneliness is a feeling that is very subjective, meaning it really comes down to how you perceive where you are and what you are going through. In other words, loneliness comes down to interpretation–the meaning that you give to what you feel inside. 

You may feel lonely, but how you interpret that loneliness is everything. For many, you are interpreting your loneliness in ways that are pushing you into deeper spirals. In addition, your disempowering interpretation of your loneliness is not allowing you to actually discover the deeper experiences that your heart needs. 

Loneliness may actually provide a path towards becoming healed and matured in profound ways. Lonely seasons can provide an invitation for a deeper relationship with God and great growth. But how you interpret your loneliness will heavily influence what you do with those lonely feelings. 

Today I want to give you some important things to consider so that you find the powerful meaning in your lonely feelings that will help you walk through the valley with great treasures that you can carry for the rest of your journey.

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