Learning to Receive Sonship from God

A critical heart connection is experiencing the privilege of becoming Father God’s children. When we believe and receive the work of Jesus Christ into our lives, the Bible says we receive a new identity: we are now sons and daughters of Father God. We are no longer just natural people with biological parents.

We are spiritual sons and daughters of God, who is now our Father. We are now stamped as His dearly loved and treasured children! This is an amazing experience that God invites all mankind to join.

“The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God . . .” Romans 8:16

You are Sons and Daughters

When God speaks to His children, He communicates to us as spiritual sons and daughters, not slaves and not as orphans. Condemning and rejecting thoughts that give a Christian the impression of being an outsider or a slave come from the enemy, to keep us from knowing and experiencing God’s love.

Its All About Sonship

Sonship is a key foundation to a relationship with God. It must be understood and experienced from the beginning that we are Father God’s children. This establishes the foundation of knowing who we are. It also creates a framework of relationship where we know Father God loves us and accepts us. We cannot have a fruitful relationship with God apart from that foundation.

God accepts us and stamps us with His approval the moment we come into relationship with Him. We must experience that love and acceptance as sons and daughters regularly in our lives. Walking in this love, as children of God, is a struggle for most believers. It is actually the main place of satan’s attack–to keep God’s children away from walking in dynamic acceptance of their identity.

People all over the planet are in minute by minute battles over whether or not they are loved and accepted as sons. They know God’s love as a theory, but not as an on going experience that radically impacts their day to day life. Much of what we will address within Healing and Freedom teachings will be in the context of knowing who we are and how much we are loved.