Is this God’s Voice, Me or Mental Illness?

There are plenty of resources out there about hearing from God, discerning God’s voice and how to hear God’s voice, but not always much on learning to be healthy in the process, especially when it comes to mental health.

From a biblical standpoint, God spoke in many supernatural ways, some of which are very odd. From God speaking through a donkey to His voice flowing through a burning bush, many of these divine experiences could be chalked up as delusions.

God speaks, but it does need to be addressed that what many attribute to “hearing from God” can be the result of unhealed brokenness and mentally unhealthy issues in their life. How do we navigate through a very precious topic to the believer, while healing and working through how we hear, process and live out God’s voice in our lives.

We pray that our honest conversation will add value to what God is doing in your heart and life.

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