I Address Your Questions Live! #02

In today’s live question and answer episode, I address numerous questions across a broad spectrum of subjects, issues and struggles. I do my best to speak to the heart of these questions, with the hope that you can experience healing, freedom and empowerment in your journey.

Here are many of the issues I address in this episode. (The subjects are also time-stamped in the YouTube description)

  • Does Being On Medication Hurt Your Healing Journey
  • Loving Yourself, Legalism and Going To Hell
  • When Everything Is Going Good, Should I Watch Out For Bad?
  • Should I Take The Job or Not?
  • Relationship Connections and Autism
  • Daydreaming, Lust & Desire
  • Not Remembering What I Read In The Bible
  • Struggles With Loneliness & Isolation
  • Feeling Like I Say The Wrong Thing
  • The Past, Uncertainty, Divorce and Remarriage

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