How to See Yourself and Your Fear Struggles

For many, there is a tendency to see themselves and others as being one with their sin battles. They view themselves and others through the lens and filter of past committed sins or currently sin battles. In the case of fear, when it manifests itself in your body through anxiety, stress, worry, or panic, you assume that the problem is you.

But if you look at fear through the lens of Romans 7, you will start to see that fear is not you. Although working in you, fear is not you. This can be tricky because the symptoms of fear are manifesting in your physical body through rapid pulse, hot flashes, or sweating.

For too many, when fear strikes at their door, it comes as a strong thought along with feelings of panic, anxiety or terror. The deception takes place when fear portrays itself as a thought that came from your own identity and thought process. Although sometimes this is true, we need to get to the root of where the bondage of fear truly comes from.

Through spirit, mind, body connections that we will discuss later, fear gets you to believe that the symptoms of torment that you are sensing are a result of your lousy ability to “keep it together.” Yet a major breakthrough will come when you first recognize that sin is not you. Fear is sin, and it is not you. It is not a part of your divine identity in Christ Jesus.

God did not create mankind with sin and this includes fear. What has happened is that sin has joined man. It has been passed through the generations and is given life when we agree with the thoughts of the enemy. God does not have a plan for fear to be a part of our spiritual DNA.

God did not create you to live in chronic fear.

Fear is sin, but God does not call us to live in fear, but to be free, bold, confident, secure, and loved. As we understand this revelation, we will begin to see ourselves separated from sin, which can help lead us into sanctification (meaning “to be set apart” or separated from).

When we understand that fear is not from God’s Kingdom but of sin and the enemy, it helps to create a sense of separation in our thinking and living. With this understanding, we can now separate it from what God sees us to become, while repenting and turning away from fear’s devices. This visual is the process of continually being set apart from sin. But we cannot be set apart from fear until we realize that those areas that fear has a lock on are areas of sin that we need to separate from. This also helps us to view ourselves through God’s eyes.

This revelation has led me to get on my knees in repentance to a loving Father and say, “Lord, I’ve given in to something that is not of you. I first of all ask you to forgive me for thinking you were involved in making me fearful at all. You have actually commanded me in Your Word not to fear, but to trust in You.

Father, I take a stand against this work of fear in my life.  I repent for giving into fear’s devices and I renounce fear in every way.

From my heart, I give You permission to fill with your love and power those areas that have been polluted with fear. I receive your grace to live in victory, and I ask you to fill me with a greater understanding of my identity apart from fear.”