Help Me See Through the Eyes of Love

The journey that every believer needs to experience is learning to see people the way God sees them. We need to see through the eyes of God. Our cry needs to be, “God, help me to see others the way you see them.”

To experience this more, we have to be able to see through the lens of love.

It is the cry of my heart that I learn each day, more than anything else, how to effectively love people the way that God loves them.

We make a lot of things important in Christianity. Yet quite often, we let the work of love fade into the background. This cannot be, for the love of God is everything. There is nothing greater than His love.

We can say to each other that it is important to live in love. But does it really impact how we actually think and live?

Do we actually see people through the lens of love?

What about you? Do you see yourself through the lens of love?

Today I want to take a dive in allowing our eyes to be renewed with the power of God’s loving compassion, grace and mercy.

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