What are the Heavenly Places?

What are the heavenly places and what does it mean in our lives. Another question I could really ask is, “Are you aware of the invisible realm that surrounds you and affects everything in life?”

Heavenly Places

One of the Scriptural words utilized in speaking of the unseen spiritual realm is the Greek word epouranios, which is often translated heavenly or heavenly places. This word heavenly places speaks of a spiritual arena where explosive activity takes place—interactions and battles which affect our physical reality. We must remember, the unseen realm affects what occurs and takes place here in the seen realm of the earth.

The unseen realm affects what occurs & takes place here in the seen realm of the earth.

In the book of Ephesians, Paul uses heavenly places to give us a quick picture of the spiritual dimension, especially as it deals with believers and the corporate body of believers—the church. His prayer is that the eyes of our understanding, or in other words, our spiritual eyesight, would be opened to what is available and what is occurring in this invisible dimension.

Seeing this wording, heavenly places, especially in the book of Ephesians, gives us a great deal of insight and encouragement. Heavenly places is a key dimension of the spirit realm, where Jesus Christ displays the victory of the cross through His church and where battles are fought over the thought patterns and decisions of mankind. With that in mind, I want to point out this phrase in the book of Ephesians to give you a vision of this unseen reality.

1. Every spiritual blessing originates from God through Christ in the heavenly places.

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ. Ephesians 1:3

Our spiritual awareness is greatly improved when we continually acknowledge God in our hearts as the supreme source of all blessings. With that awareness of God’s goodness, we open our spiritual understanding to more of God’s thoughts and ways. In perceiving the battleground of the heavenly places, the importance of recognizing our Source cannot be overlooked. We must first build the foundation that every available blessing originates from God in a spiritual dimension, or heavenly places. This means that my ability to experience love, joy, peace, victory and healing, to name some, has an origin from God in a spiritual realm.

Thanksgiving and gratitude are critical precepts for a child of God to possess and manifest. The understanding of our hearts needs to be permeated with reminders of where all blessings and good things originate. The cultivation of a strong spiritual life begins with thankfully recognizing the goodness of God and the bountiful blessings He releases on His children. Our blessings are not by accident—even though we can easily attribute them to our hard work and labor.  Breaking through to greater spiritual power comes in truly recognizing God’s goodness.

This often comes into play when His goodness seems to be tested in our battles. This is often where gratitude and thanksgiving have the most potent power—when it seems in man’s eyes like there is nothing to show gratitude for. Yet it is during those times that we must rise up in spirit to not be limited by natural sight. Stirring up gratitude brings us back to a central reliance on God and keeps our focus on what He has done, not on what the enemy would want us to think He is not doing. It is His nature to be good and it is our destiny to recognize that goodness and walk with an ongoing sense of thanksgiving towards our heavenly Father. This opens up spiritual relationship at a deeper level.

We Are God’s Children

As Christians, because of Christ, we have an opportunity to be God’s children, and to see Father God as the source of all that we have access to. With this in mind, cultivating a grateful heart creates fertile soil for the God of heaven to do mighty things in our life. A thankful heart recognizes God as the giver of all good gifts. These gifts originate in an unseen realm and manifest in this physical reality. The more we recognize God as the source of all good things, it will also help us to learn how to cultivate a life in Christ that manifests continual blessings and overflow.  

Thanksgiving Opens Our Eyes

Thanksgiving opens up the door for the heavenly realms of God to meet us and manifest in our thinking and actions. When an atmosphere of gratitude is absent from a person’s heart, the ability to have God’s perspective and hear His thoughts becomes greatly diluted. In this age that we live in, where many people have become spoiled and ungrateful, it is critical that we continue to cultivate gratitude in all things and guard our hearts from ingratitude and spiritual bratty-ness. They become the devil’s playground to further sin and destruction.

2. Jesus Christ is seated at the right hand of God in the heavenly places.

which He worked in Christ when He raised Him from the dead and seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly places far above all principality and power and might and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this age but also in that which is to come. Ephesians 1:20-21

Because of what Christ accomplished through the cross and resurrection, He is now seated at the right hand of the Father, a place of dominion and ultimate authority. In the heavenly places, Christ is in His glorified state—possessing the keys of death and hell with power over all principalities and powers. All authority has been given to Him. His name is the name above all names. In fact, His name brings terror to all evil spirits in the heavenly places. They know who He is; they tremble before Him and are terrified by Him. With the name of Jesus, we have been given an authoritative name by which we can carry spiritual authority.

The cross and resurrection ushered in a whole new way for mankind to have relationship with God. The cross brought a payment for sin—where the wrath of God against sin could be satisfied on the body of Jesus. This sacrifice made way for the love of God to be made manifest like never before in history. The sin that was infecting mankind hindered the love of God from manifesting in its fullest ability, while keeping people in a sense of separation from God. This spiritual separation was commonplace until Jesus took the payment of sin upon His shoulders.

With that act of obedience, the love of God was demonstrated in a way where humanity could truly witness the heart of God; longing to have relationship with His creation. We can now have access to God, to His love and acceptance—based on Jesus’ sacrifice. This made way for true grace to be offered to humanity—giving us the opportunity to receive an intimate relationship with God as sons and daughters.

The cross and resurrection ushered in a whole new way for mankind to have relationship with God.

With the resurrection of Christ, eternal life is available for all who would believe.  Additionally, it is important to know that receiving a relationship with God is not just simply about going to heaven. The resurrection makes way for us to abound in every area of our life as believers, in the here and now. Because of the resurrection, becoming a child of God involves living an abundant life that starts here. Eternity doesn’t begin when we die. It starts now!

Having a relationship with God is not just about going to heaven, but bringing heaven’s mindset to earth.

Jesus is God the Word and He is the embodiment of truth and life. He is the absolute way to the Father who made it possible for mankind to walk in continual intimacy with God. He paved the way for healing, peace, hope, love, joy and wholeness to be experienced by us and through us like never before!

Jesus Christ not only provided the way for eternal salvation, He showed us what the normal Christian life could be like for the body of Christ. God’s desire is for the church as a whole to manifest Christ and the nature of Father God’s heart here on earth.  This was powerfully expressed through Jesus when He articulated that those who believe would actually do greater works than Himself. This means that in our lives, God’s heart is for the sick to be healed, evil spirits to be removed, the broken restored, the dead raised and so much more in compounding measure. This is an amazing mandate given to God’s children!

Learning to Activate what He Has Given Us

This resurrected mentality we’re speaking about does not just manifest in us automatically. Not only do we need the authoritative name of Jesus, we need the nature of who He is as God the Word to become a part of us. We have been given the mind of Christ, but it must become rooted into the innermost parts of our understanding. We have been given many things in the Kingdom of God, but we need to receive and activate them for them to become an operating reality in our lives.

We need an absolute overhaul of every part of our being to become conformed into thinking, living and speaking the way God thinks, operates and speaks. The process of transformation from the inside out involves coming into a fuller understanding of what Christ did for us and the identity He provided for us to manifest in life. This makes way for us to realize where we as believers are positioned in the heavenly places for war.    

We need every part of our being to become conformed into thinking, living & speaking the way God thinks, operates and speaks.

3. We as believers are seated with Christ in the heavenly places.

and raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus  Ephesians 2:6

Because of what Christ accomplished in His death and resurrection, there is a manifestation in the heavenly places of what this victory means for believers. God gives all those who believe in His Son the privilege of sitting with Christ. In the spiritual dimension, we have been given a place of authority, to receive and release the power that Christ paid for.

This spiritual authority is a tremendous honor for believers. We can have authority over the powers of darkness! Yet our authority as Christians does not become applied without our cooperation and action.  It must be activated in our lives through receiving the wisdom of God, having the mind of Christ and applying His powerful thinking in our lives.

Part of the responsibility of sitting with Christ in heavenly places involves removing the enemy’s way of thinking from our lives and putting it under our feet. When we do that, we make spiritual room for the thoughts and ways of God to fill us. Removing thought systems that do not line up with God’s Word must be regularly applied in our lives so that true spiritual authority can manifest.

Spiritual authority truly becomes evident when Jesus, who is God the Word, becomes engrained in our hearts. When His Word becomes implanted into our identity, then His identity has room to operate through us. When His identity is manifesting in and through us, true spiritual authority can be activated. Additionally, the Holy Spirit works to confirm the Word in our lives. He takes that which we have hidden in our hearts and works to make it a part of our thinking so that it can be released with power in our lives.

It is critical that we make this spiritual place of authority a reality by activating the Word of God within us. When we do this, we can begin to overthrow every deceptive thought of the enemy. This opens up what it really means to sit with Christ in heavenly places with authority.

Spiritual authority truly becomes evident when Jesus, who is God the Word, becomes engrained in our hearts.

As shared earlier, Jesus Christ is the name that is above every name. There is absolute power in that name. But we must also realize that in Psalms 138:2, God says that He has magnified His word above His name.

I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy lovingkindness and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name. Psalm 138:2 (KJV)

This means that He even elevates the power of His Word above the power of His name.  What does this mean for our spiritual authority? It means that we can use the name of Jesus all we want, but unless what His Word says becomes a part of the fiber of our being, the full spiritual power and authority of Christ working through us is limited. His Word must become activated in us–not as a theory or a memorized catechism, but as living truth engrafted into who we are. This means that our daily thinking must be under subjection to the grid of God’s Word.

This also helps us to see the practicality of the Scriptures. When we activate God’s way of thinking in this world, we set ourselves up to exercise our authority in Christ. Our authority comes through the name of Jesus, in conjunction with His Word. They cannot be separated because Jesus and the Word are one and the same. Jesus is not in conflict with Himself!

When we activate God’s way of thinking in this world, we set ourselves up to exercise our authority in Christ.

In our journey, we have to be careful that we do not arrive in a place where we think we know it all about God. We all have a need for God to do renovations in our limited understandings of Scripture. For too long we have closed out certain passages or have interpreted certain Scriptures away to satisfy our lack of fruit or dryness.

We take pride in feeling like we have our spiritual boxes perfectly laid out, and we take comfort that we have made sense of the inconsistencies between what the Word of God proclaims and what we see manifesting in our lives, yet many of our belief systems are a form of godliness that shut out the power of God. This is the trap the Pharisees fell into.  

The enemy seeks to infuse counterfeit strongholds that keep the power of the Word from settling within us. If that doesn’t work, then he will subtly spread false pathways of spirituality or beliefs. The Bible calls these doctrines of devils. My prayer for this generation is that we will regain a hunger for the Word of God in such a way that it produces living fruit in our lives, ministries, health and relationships. It is astounding that people could be bored with the power-filled Word of God. This can only be a work of enemy attack.

We must break the trends of dryness, where people have become bored with the Scriptures and have turned aside to fables and trendy books to fill our deep needs. When we receive the Living Word with power, we open the door for Christ’s nature to become embedded within us.   

Christ took authority and put all things under His feet in obedience to His assignment. As the head of the body of Christ, Jesus gave the church the opportunity to walk in that authority through obedience. Obedience involves taking God’s Word and making it our way of thought in every aspect of our lives. Authority comes when we apply in our daily lives that which has been processed in our heart from God’s Word. The way we are able to do this is by His Spirit’s power.

As the head of the body of Christ, Jesus gave the church the opportunity to walk in that authority through obedience.

Please understand, spiritual authority is not something you can fake. It is also not something that is applied by yelling, impressive actions or religious routines. Authentic spiritual authority is expressed when we truly understand who we are as God’s children and we walk it out in obedience. This creates a spiritual seasoning that only God can bring to our lives.

Spiritual authority is not something you can fake.

For example, we do not have spiritual authority over fear if we are serving it in thought and action. We can quote Scriptures that say we are free from fear, but if we are not actively working to come out of agreement with those thoughts and actions, we will not produce fruit.  We have no spiritual authority over the accuser if we are involved in accusing our brothers and sisters. We do not have spiritual authority if we are serving the enemy in unforgiveness and bitterness. Our identity stems from what we have made as a part of our inner belief system. Whether those thoughts came from our Creator or the adversary is the key question.  

Our identity stems from what we have made as a part of our inner belief system.

Knowing who we are as spiritual sons and daughters of God is crucial in this spiritual journey. Our authority in Christ increases as the eyes of our understanding become enlightened, so that we can spiritually see what is available to us.  Christ’s victory has already been provided, but it is our duty to manifest that victory. It does not simply happen by default, without any action on our part. Spiritual growth and overcoming do not just happen, but require our obedience in learning to think and act the way God does.

Too many Christians think the Kingdom of God will just fall on them, without any sense of pressing towards, taking hold of it and fighting the overcoming walk. When our hearts and minds become conformed into how God thinks, we gain the opportunity to display God’s way of thinking: His wisdom.

Our spiritual authority increases the more we know who we are in Christ.

4. Our divine calling is to display the wisdom of God to principalities and powers in the heavenly places.

to the intent that now the manifold wisdom of God might be made known by the church to the principalities and powers in the heavenly places Ephesians 3:10

Part of our spiritual DNA involves all believers as one body, displaying the manifold wisdom of God in great splendor and power. Wisdom is a powerful way of thinking that has intelligence, creativity, clarity and council behind it. In this case, we are talking about the wisdom of God.

Wisdom from God is spiritual wisdom, relaying the divine thoughts of our Creator to those who would believe and seek His thoughts. God’s wisdom is not of this world, nor can it be contained or formulated by man’s faculties. The thoughts of God dissolve any wisdom of man into piles of foolishness. Yet these spiritual treasures are available and can be received by those who are His dearly loved children, who diligently seek Him with a humble heart.

The wisdom of God is often deposited in our lives by means of revelation, or an “unveiling” of spiritual truth. This divine truth opens our understanding to see beyond what man can perceive and into God’s nature, with His vast supply of life-changing revelation. God has purposefully hidden these jewels from those who seek it in their man-centered pride or through human reasoning; in attempts to disprove God or even to try and “figure God out.” He will use those who seem to be foolish in man’s eyes to display His wisdom, because He loves to pour it out on those who humbly seek Him with a submissive and teachable heart (1 Corinthians 1:27). To those who ask in faith, God is willing to give His wisdom out in overflow (James 1:5).

The word manifold in this passage speaks of being multifaceted and diverse. In other words, the manifold wisdom of God could be compared to the many-sided beauty of a diamond. Its brilliance has a fresh look as you observe each beautiful facet. As if gazing at the most beautiful diamond in the world, expressing the wisdom of God has this kind of power and splendor.

The manifold wisdom of God could be compared to the many-sided beauty of a diamond.

Like the Psalmist said in the 104th Psalm:

O Lord, how manifold are Your works! In wisdom You have made them all. The earth is full of Your possessions. Psalms 104:24

God ordained for this magnificent wisdom to be demonstrated through His people, the church. When this wisdom is truly demonstrated by manifesting God’s way of thinking in our lives, it is limitless and multifaceted. This is what we were truly destined for – to be manifestations of the wisdom of God!

God ordained for this magnificent wisdom to be demonstrated through His people, the church.

In addition, it wows the heavenly realms to the extent that even our enemy principalities and powers have to stop and watch this flow of wisdom emanating from the body of Christ. As that wisdom surges throughout the heavens, they must recognize what we have in Christ that they will never possess. All they can do is work to stop us from living in our God-provided reality.

In order for us to display God’s brilliant ways of thinking, His wisdom, we often have to remove hindering thoughts that keep us from the wisdom and knowledge of God.  These counteractive thought patterns as well as the sources of those thoughts often have to be confronted in order for our divine calling of manifesting God’s wisdom to be fulfilled. The removal of the enemy’s way of thinking and the establishment of God’s is often what our daily battles in the heavenly places are fought over. This brings us to a key activity that we are engaged with in the heavenly places—wrestling with our spiritual enemy.

5. In the heavenly places, believers wrestle with satan’s army.

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12

Heavenly places is also a spiritual battleground where you and I wrestle against the powers of darkness. Our spiritual enemy seeks to prevent us from displaying God’s wisdom (His magnificent way of thinking) in our lives. He does this through seeking to counterfeit and oppose God’s thoughts in every way. Whether we choose to pay attention to this spiritual combat or not, the battle goes on nonetheless. While we sit in the heavenly places with Christ Jesus who won the victory, it is our responsibility to execute that victory and carry out that which Jesus paid for.  

Although Christ who won the victory, it is our responsibility to execute that victory & carry out that which Jesus paid for.

Here in Ephesians, Paul is teaching that although we walk in a physical existence, none of our battles are fought in that physical reality. Our battles are spiritual. They are spiritual battles that come down primarily to the exchange of thought–where we can receive and manifest God’s way of thinking, or become deceived by agreeing with the enemy’s subtle counterfeit thinking.

The word wrestling in this passage speaks of intense face to face combat. It resembles the imagery of Roman soldiers doing hand to hand fighting.  It also portrays two well trained sumo wrestlers colliding in forceful battle. This intense confrontation in the heavenly places is waged daily over our lives. In this dimension there is a clash waging over the course and direction of humanity. Most of the war hinges over which thoughts and belief systems will manifest in creation. Will mankind listen o God or follow a counterfeit?

In fact, the order of satan’s army is set up in an organized fashion to orchestrate the propagation of thoughts and imaginations that go against the knowledge of God. Let us take a brief moment to understand the structure of this counterfeit kingdom’s operation.

Principalities, or the Greek word archē, speak of spiritual architects. This word speaks of leadership and rule in an orderly system. Principalities are the high ranking leaders over counterfeit strategies and thought. They are spirit beings that execute and oversee sinful counterfeit thought on a global scale and their mission is to initiate specific realms of evil dominion and oversee the organization of them. For example, we can recognize that there can be principalities of fear, that initiate and oversee a widespread mission of keeping cultures bound under the power of anxiety, panic, stress and worry.

There are certainly principalities of bitterness, seeking to keep entire cultures, regions and large family lines bound in unforgiveness, anger, resentment, violence, murder and more. Occultic principalities keep entire people groups bound under false religions, and can sneak deceptive teachings and counterfeit spirituality into the lives of Christians. These are just a few examples. 

Powers is the Greek word exousias, which can be translated as authorities. Powers are demonic realms that exercise jurisdictional authority over certain areas and regions. They carry out this oversight where humans have given agreement in their thoughts. They oversee the cultivation of sin and bondage with the people who make up certain geographical regions that have given them agreement. They carry out orders based on an assigned set of spiritual strongholds, most likely from the corresponding principality. This could be as simple as a work of unbelief in a region or a religious mindset that keeps an area cold and fruitless in spiritual things.

Most of our battlegrounds hinge over which thoughts and belief systems will manifest in creation.

We are not called to be afraid of this invisible enemy, especially because we have the opportunity to carry the authority found in Jesus Christ. We must, however, be aware that mankind gives over authority to the enemy wherever there is agreement with ungodly thoughts. The more individuals are given over to subtle counterfeit thoughts, the more authority a power is given over that region. Most of the battleground hinges over which thoughts and belief systems will manifest in creation.  

The rulers of darkness of this age, is the word kosmokratoras, which can be translated “lords of the world” or “princes of this age.” Rulers speak of chief princes in satan’s kingdom. Ephesians 2:2 speaks of the prince of the power of the air. The book of Daniel shows a spiritual wrestling match occurring between the archangel Michael and the prince of Persia, a demonic ruler operating over the kingdom of Persia. Their battle stemmed over the delivery of an answer to the prayers of Daniel. This example not only shows us the reality of the spiritual battle, it can also show us the critical battles that are often engaged when we pray and intercede. These demonic spirits seek to rule as countries, nations and cultures give them access through the toleration or promotion of ungodly imaginations.

The spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places speak of spiritual beings that operate more on an individual scale. They seek to express the nature of sin and iniquity through humanity. A large portion of their onslaught comes in depositing seeds of thought that cultivate roots of destruction in the lives of people. These thoughts are often stirred up subtly. In fact they typically deposit thoughts into the thinking of people as though it is the person’s own thought. Although they begin slowly, they can have a massive effect once they develop momentum in people’s lives. These spiritual hosts have assignments based on their specific nature. For example, a spirit of heaviness as found in Isaiah 61 will seek to implant thoughts and impressions based on depression, cloudy thinking and weariness. These evil spirits can range from fear and doubt to unforgiveness, lust and many more. They cultivate the law of sin and carry the nature of sin, seeking to manifest unrighteousness through the lives of people.

These spiritual hosts work to maintain spiritual blindness in people, keeping them stuck in ruts and preventing them from seeing the spiritual freedom that is available. I am convinced that these spiritual hosts are the evil spirits that we see in other parts of Scripture. They are the spirits that Jesus cast out, and they are the evil spirits that today still need to be removed from influencing our lives.

Each spiritual host or evil spirit seems to have specific assignments in particular areas on people’s lives. A deaf and dumb spirit in the Scriptures affected people’s abilities to hear and comprehend. Unclean spirits work all manor of corrupted, impure and debased ways of thinking. A spirit of fear brings about all forms of anxiety, pressure, panic and worry.

An evil spirit has no expression in this physical dimension unless there is agreement in a human being.  They are constantly battling to gain access to humanity’s belief system—seeking to overthrow God’s way in the lives of anyone who will listen. They torment, oppress, deceive and seek to destroy.

An evil spirit has no expression in this physical dimension unless there is agreement in people.

As you read through this section, do not let the hocus pocus of Hollywood educate you in the arena of evil spirits and the spirit realm.  Many times we take what we have seen in horror movies and allow it to be the lens through which we view things of the spirit.  This is not accurate and will tempt you to fear evil and live superstitiously without true authority. 

We simply have to re-establish that there is a real day to day approach in how we can face this spiritual opposition and walk in power. This should give us a new spiritual lens on life. With Christ on our side, He has given us everything we need to defeat our enemy. Our ability to successfully fight starts with understanding that the enemy’s tactics begin in the realm of thought. These thoughts can be presented in many forms— including feelings, impressions, temptations and enticements.

In Paul’s letter to the Ephesian church regarding spiritual warfare, he taught them to engage by putting on the whole armor of God. Of course this armor is God’s armor, not our own. We must receive this armor and be taught in how to effectively use it. Each area of armament is intended to create a spiritual awareness to where we will be attacked and the tools that are available to defend as well as overcome and conquer.

Understanding the armor of God helps us to be mindful of the attacks that stem from the invisible opposing kingdom and to guard our thinking against thought processes that go against the knowledge of God.  Truth, righteousness, salvation and peace, which are all available to us in Christ Jesus, will be attacked and compromised at any opportunity.

That is why we need to be trained how to soberly walk through this life with an awareness of what is at stake in regard to our thoughts. We must be awakened to his schemes and remove the ignorance, so we can begin to regain our ground and become restored. God’s desire is to train His people to become mighty warriors for His Kingdom.

This awareness ought to open our eyes to the day to day battles you and I encounter. We must let the knowledge of God open our spiritual lenses so we can see what is at stake, that which stems from a dimension we cannot see with our five physical senses.  Remember, only the Spirit can discern spiritual things. We need the Word of God to shed light where we have been operating in ignorance. Whether it is temptation, impressions, or imaginations that seem to appear as our own thoughts, we have an invisible enemy that is looking for agreement.

Your spirit is being bombarded by spiritual hosts of wickedness. How? Through subtle thoughts that undermine and counterfeit what God says about you, your past, your circumstances and your relationships. The battle is over which thoughts will be held up and lived out amongst the lives of people. And many people would be surprised as to how easily they have been deceived in many areas of their life.          

If the enemy can get us to agree with a counterfeit thought, we will at some point manifest that thought in some form or fashion. Those thoughts will also affect our behavior. Over the course of time, the health and vitality of our physiology will receive the repercussions of unhealthy thinking. Disease can flourish in an atmosphere of toxic, fearful or unloving thoughts. In addition, those thoughts can spread to others through conversation and relationships, where lies can find their way into the hearts and minds of others.

Remember, the exchange of thought and the battle over thoughts occurs in the spirit realm and this wrestling comes against our spirit. If you think Christians are immune to this battle, then why does the Bible teach that believers wrestle? If we ignore this battleground, then whenever we have struggles within, we will become trained to see ourselves as the enemy. Satan’s kingdom now becomes hidden behind a shroud of ignorance as we condemn and fight ourselves over our inward struggles. You and I must understand our enemy so that we can wage the war effectively.

Most of this battle wars over our identity, testing if we really know who we are as God’s children. The battles emerge over areas where we have not understood the love of God and feel separated from His love, as well as areas where we have not properly understood love for ourselves and love for others. Many people carry with them the spiritual wounds from battles of the past that left them caught in webs of resentment, hopelessness, rejection, fear and unbelief. These battles are intended to cause us to lose our effectiveness while keeping us in bondage and even isolation. Over time, we lose our ability to walk in health and wholeness as our bodies respond to our unhealthy spirituality. In addition, we become held back from our divine potential.

This is how entire regions, families and nations can have specific areas of bondage. It all began with individuals who came under the realm of counterfeit thought, which spread down family lines and cultures. It stemmed from subtle thought processes that were tolerated and often ignored, allowing the clever toxicities of the enemy to undermine the spirituality, the psychology and the physiology of an individual. This is the work of spiritual strongholds. 

You can have the victory, but you must be aware of the war so you can remain armed in your journey.

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