Going on a Negativity Fast

Most studies show that most habits can be formed within 30 days. Personally, I use 30 day experiments to cultivate new habits, mindsets and behaviors. I have found if I put my heart into it, I can do almost anything for 30 days. It gives me a chance to see what helps and adds value to my growth. Many of the things I practice in 30 day experiments have become permanent habits in my life.

One of the most powerful projects I have executed is negativity fasts. I used them when I was a pastor for my church family and encourage those I teach and coach today to use them as a way to jump start their mind and heart.

Negativity fasts have proven to help to promote change in remarkable ways. If you commit to this particular fast faithfully, I guarantee you will discover negative patterns that have gone undetected while also seeing the value of being more intentionally focused on love, hope and faith.

I first stumbled upon negativity fasts by reading about it on Steve Backlund’s web site. Steve is a professional and master at training people to walk out of negativity and into a life filled with positivity and hope. I encourage you to get a hold of his books and go through the material. You can find a listing of his books here. The first book I read was helpful for engaging a negativity fast, entitled Igniting Faith in 40 Days.

A Detox from Negativity

Setting a season aside to do a food fast has produced great results in my life. Not only did I receive the spiritual benefits, my body also felt cleansed from the food contaminants that built up over time.

Many people do not realize how much negative toxicity has accumulated in their life.  It has a way of building up in our system and bog us down from effective living. Health experts recommend occasional nutritional detoxes and I believe we all need negativity detoxes to cleanse ourselves from the negative accumulation.

I have found it to be a very helpful practice to detoxify my thinking and speaking to become lined up with love, hope and faith. In this fast, we are detoxing from all negative habits and relational patterns. We are not only abstaining from negativity, we are setting aside more time in our lives to feed on hope-filled perspectives that increase our ability to walk in love and powerful faith. So if you want to join me, here are the guidelines for the negativity fast I am proposing.

30 Day Negativity Fast

If you feel like you have hit a wall emotionally or need a new focus to jumpstart your mindset, then a negativity fast can help you break through. There are many ways you can do this, but I often recommend doing a 30 day negativity fast to allow the full effects of the fast to take shape.

I have created a free resource to outline how to do the 30 day negativity fast. In the 30 Day Negativity Fast resource, you will see how you can break down the month into 4 weeks of themes, using each week to emphasize strong perspectives that will enhance your journey of building hope in your life.