What I Learned from a 30 Day Negativity Fast

Negativity, Overcoming, Negativity Fast

I have been encouraging people for years to engage negativity fasts, as a way to renew their minds and give themselves a fresh jump start into a new chapter. But these fasts are way harder than we realize, especially because of how much our lives are conditioned by negativity. A Negativity Fast is a Good Jump […]

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Join Me for a 30 Day Negativity Fast

I have felt for quite some time that it would be good to call for a 30 day challenge, calling everyone in our tribe to jump into a 30 Day Negativity Challenge. With all the negativity going on in the world and in our own minds, it is time for a good spiritual and emotional […]

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Going on a Negativity Fast

Most studies show that most habits can be formed within 30 days. Personally, I use 30 day experiments to cultivate new habits, mindsets and behaviors. I have found if I put my heart into it, I can do almost anything for 30 days. It gives me a chance to see what helps and adds value […]

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