Fear Likes to Keep You Driven

I find that God’s faith has a unique way of leading us, not driving us. God does not drive us and force us, but He guides us sovereignly to paths of righteousness and to destinations of supernatural greatness. Yet fear has a way of driving you, pushing you, and relentlessly hurrying you to do all you can to survive, strive and escape. But if we look back at Hebrews 4, we see that there is a process of patience, waiting, and letting go that needs to take place.

Hebrews 4:10 For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from his.

In order to receive freedom from fear, we have to repent of and let go of drivenness and striving; of constantly being hurried and carrying burdens we ought to not carry. God has not called us to be false-burden bearers, nor has He called us to strive to earn Kingdom results. He has called us to enter into rest while casting all our cares upon Him, because He cares for us.

It is time that we cease from our own works: the works that we have jumped into; the works that we have attributed to God that He never told us to do; the works that do nothing but add more stress, anxiety and frustration. It is time that we run into His rest and let His Holy Spirit gently guide and direct our steps. I have found that when I have done this, God’s hands brought exponential results more than I ever could have mustered up in ten lifetimes.

When I served on a church staff, I had all sorts of projects that I strived through. Many times I justified that drivenness and gave credit to God for all of it. Now I certainly do not take away from the wonderful ways that God used me during those seasons. There were certainly some awesome things He did through me. Yet in retrospect, He just wanted me to rest in Him more; not add more meetings and perform more tasks. He wanted my extra time to be filled with rest, enjoyment, and fellowship with His presence and His people. He wanted me to lovingly share the gospel with all who would hear and receive. He desired for me to lay down all my dead works and let His Spirit lead the way to bring about supernatural increase.

I wanted to please Him with my efforts, yet He was already pleased with me. He just wanted me to rest in Him. I am not teaching against working hard or being diligent. Discipline and hard work is wonderful, but let us go to God’s higher level of surrender, where we can work hard, yet be at rest inside. It is what makes room for God to accomplish supernatural things in our lives. Striving and drivenness are based on fear. Faith is based on rest and hope found in Christ Jesus.

Question: In what ways does a driven lifestyle sneak into people’s lives?

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