Exposing the Influence of Toxic Guilt

A major aspect of my healing journey has involved learning to discern the workings of guilt and allow myself to walk free from a lifestyle entangled with toxic guilt.

When you think about your spiritual journey, has anyone ever taught you how to discern what guilt means and how to work through it? Do you remember anyone telling you growing up, “That’s guilt and you do not need to feed that guilt?”

There is often very little emphasis on how much toxic guilt influences people’s lives in a way that is toxic and unhealthy. While guilt can be a normal emotion that arises from our sense of morality or your compass of right and wrong. It often works as a signal that something needs to be amended or repaired. Many believers are realizing that guilt has gotten out of hand in their thinking and emotions. Guilt has become toxic, where it is excessive, continual and even irrational. In fact, many are realizing that much of their life is actually driven by toxic guilt.

In this broadcast, I want to talk about what guilt is and what it looks like when it becomes toxic in our lives.

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