Do You Need Help?

Do you need personal help for your life? What does that look like? Should a Christian be utilizing counseling, therapy and coaching for their life? What does it look like to receive healthy counsel in your life? 

In today’s episode, we want to address your need to receive personal help for your life. We pray in our conversation, shame can be broken off your life and you can find encouragement as you seek to receive greater help for what God is doing in your heart and life. 

I have found that you cannot work through issues of the heart and mental health alone. We need healthy and loving input to empower our journey. But what does this look like? How can we begin to take empowering steps?

In our discussion, Melissa and I will address the myths that we often carry that limit us or hold us back when it comes to receiving personal help. We will also share with you some practical questions you can ask when it comes to pursuing healthy and helpful counseling.

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