Are You Battling Existential OCD?

Is it possible that your existential deep dives are revealing the presence and influence of OCD? Are you obsessive about chasing doubts about your existence or God’s existence? Over my 30 years of ministry experience, I have observed many who get lost in certain questions related to life, death, existence, God, eternity and more that get them trapped into loops that do not lead them into greater fruitfulness.

These “deep dives” end up trapping them, increasing anxiety, dread and disconnection from the world around them. When OCD gets existential, you have intrusive and repetitive thoughts about the meaning, purpose, or reality of life, or the existence of the universe or even your own existence. Many of the questions can be targeted at God, His existence and questions regarding why He did certain things and why it seems He did not do other things.

These can appear as super deep questions, that if you chase them and figure them out, you will find peace and become a deeper person. But it actually does not produce that. I have personally observed many who have found themselves in intense torment, stemming off of where these thoughts take them. I want to share with you about what is really going on with these existential spirals and how we can heal and overcome.

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