Are You a Christian Perfectionist?

The words Christian and perfectionism should not go together, but you will find perfectionism amongst Christianity all around. Has its influence taken hold of how you practice your faith? You may need to ask yourself, “Am I a perfectionist?”

Some see perfectionism as a completely admirable trait. Many fail to see the long term dangers that perfectionistic tendencies can have on our health, our wholeness and our relationships.

The stranglehold of perfectionism is a counterfeit that steals your peace in the journey. It does not allow you or those around you to grow up in Christ through a journey. It will constantly disqualify you and find areas where you do not measure up. You will a live out of constant pressure, not out of love. The core issue for a perfectionist is unconditional love. They do not know how to be loved and ok right where they are. Perfectionism tells you that you are not loved or at peace until you fix all these areas . . . and it never ends. 

Without a deep revelation of the love of the Father and the grace of Jesus Christ, we can become very vulnerable to perfectionism, especially because of the viral infection that can come about from law based influence, legalism, performance based living and a religious spirit. 

How I often help people identify perfectionism is the mindset of “just right” that is “never enough.” You chase the “just right feeling” for your thoughts, your relationships and your walk with God. Things need to feel just right or you can’t be at peace. You become driven by this disturbance in your life and true, long term peace never arrives.

Today I want to share with you some signs of how perfectionism can influence your Christian walk.

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