Religious Perfectionism and Prayer

Do you feel a pressure that works in your prayer life, where you feel a constant guilt about not praying enough or “just right.”? Most likely, you are under the influence of religious perfectionism. When it comes to prayer, many believers can be highly influenced approach spiritual routines as perfectionists. We want our prayers to […]

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Bible Reading and Religious Perfectionism

Is religious perfectionism stealing the fruit of enjoying the Scriptures and your Bible reading experience? Are you trying to read the Bible “just right,” but its the influence of perfectionism? Today I want to talk about some ways that we can get bogged down by perfectionism when it comes to engaging the Word of God […]

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Our Perfectionism Healing Journey

Perfectionism can manifest in a variety of ways, which you will see in our discussion today, as Melissa and I share our healing journey working through perfectionism struggles. in this broadcast, we will share how we dismissed perfectionism at first, but how we came to understand its deceptive influence. We also talk about what the […]

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4 Blocks that Keep Perfectionists from Healing


The mindset of perfectionism drives a message of “just right” but “never enough” that seeks to infiltrate how we think, believe, act and process relationships. Yet in the healing process, I have found there are four blocks that often get in the way of healing the perfectionist’s heart. I have observed them in my own […]

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Are You a Christian Perfectionist?

Christian Perfectionism

The words Christian and perfectionism should not go together, but you will find perfectionism amongst Christianity all around. Has its influence taken hold of how you practice your faith? You may need to ask yourself, “Am I a perfectionist?” Some see perfectionism as a completely admirable trait. Many fail to see the long term dangers […]

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