5 Ways to Cultivate Thanksgiving

One of the greatest ways you can live an overcoming life is to remain grateful in all things. A grateful heart can never be defeated, no matter what comes their way. This is why the Bible says in everything give thanks. This means learning to cultivate a grateful heart, no matter where you find yourself. Thanksgiving will open up the power of praise in your life. The following are thanksgiving strategies can you apply today: 

1. Start each day with thanksgiving. 

As soon as your feet hit the floor, begin offering up thanks to God. Make that tyne first expression. Don’t get into any other tasks in the morning until you have taken a moment to give God thanks. This will set the day in proper order. As you take your first morning breath, begging thanking God for His life-giving breath. 

2. Write down notes of thanksgiving to God. 

God dwells in the atmosphere of thanksgiving, so its important that we exercise this as His creation. Take a moment to write down 10 things that you are grateful for. This exercise will help you focus your mind and help you reflect on what God has done. With so much we have been given, we easily forget all that God has blessed us with. 

3. Give Thanks With Your Words.

Thanksgiving is important as a place of meditation, but speaking it out loud gives it even greater life! Most people are trained to use their words to complain and gripe about the day. This becomes a very toxic pattern and sets a hopeless lens on life. Your words set the course of your life, so set your words on thanksgiving, which will give you an amazing power over what binds you. 

Ultimately, we want to make a heart-felt connection to thanksgiving. But we can’t wait until we “feel” it to express it. We need to do it the other way around. Start giving thanks until it kicks in to your system. 

Don’t be surprised if anger, ingratitude and unbelief kick up when you start offering up thanks. This shows the war going on in your thoughts. Keep pressing in, because thanksgiving will set the stage for praise, and praise ushers in the joy of God! 

4. Live a lifestyle focusing on what God has Done.

Those who develop a lifestyle of thanksgiving have learned to focus their hearts on what God has done and what He is doing; not on what they may think He is not doing or has not done. Whatever we meditate on expands in our lives. If we focus on what God has done and is doing, we grow in knowing more about what He is up to in our lives. 

5. Surround Yourself with Those who will Encourage Gratitude.

This is where you need to get the negative and unbelieving dump trucks out of your life. You will carry what you surround yourself with, so find those who will breathe life and the hope of God into your life. Get away from gossipers and negative talkers, who often remain stuck in the same patterns and problems. 

If you don’t have anyone like this, pray for one! Begin operating like the people you want to surround yourself with. Find dream feeders, not dream stealers. Understand that some people do not want to hear good words, but would rather stay in the slime of complaining. Take your peace and continue to remain thankful.

Question: Which practice do you need to put into activation today?