25 Signs that Not Loving Yourself is Hurting Your Relationships

Jesus taught we are to love others as ourselves. The problem is, masses of people do not see themselves in a healthy way, so it is infecting how they are loving others.

The truth is, you will love others out of the love you have received from God and accepted for yourself.

The problem is that when you do not love yourself, the way God loves you, it will have a negative impact on your relationships.

Here are some manifestations that you do not love yourself and it is having an impact on your present relationships.

  1. I can get irritated or offended by people fairly easily.  
  2. I struggle with affection. For example, I don’t do hugs very well. 
  3. I have trouble developing and keeping long term and meaningful relationships. 
  4. I spend more time thinking about what I am not getting from a relationship, more than how I can be a blessing.
  5. I spend more time focusing on other people’s flaws, instead of focusing on gratitude and good traits that others have.
  6. When someone shows me love, I have a hard time receiving it. 
  7. I can get angry very easily.
  8. I have a hard time looking people in the eye.  
  9. I don’t receive compliments well. I get squirmy. I’ll ignore them or deflect the compliment back quickly. 
  10. I want love, but I struggle to receive it fully. 
  11. I get easily irritable, critical or nit-picky with others. 
  12. I find I can go through mood swings that impact my relationships. 
  13. I have a hard time loving my spouse and experiencing consistent connection. 
  14. I find myself in a lot of dysfunctional, abusive or even hurtful relationships. 
  15. I am codependent.
  16. Healthy intimacy in my marriage is a struggle for me. 
  17. I have trouble moving forward from my past. 
  18. I can’t seem to move forward from past pain. 
  19. I have a hard time being present with people. Im often distracted and all over the place. 
  20. In social settings, I talk way more about myself, rather than spending time listening to others.
  21. I make poor relationship choices. 
  22. I’m more comfortable doing things for others, than simply connecting with them. 
  23. I can isolate very easily. 
  24. I have trouble being around people that are healthier than me or seem to be more successful than me. 
  25. I find myself blaming others for what I am going through.

If you see yourself in some of these signs, don’t panic. There is help available. You just need to be hungry, humble and teachable. Take your first step by getting a copy of God Loves Me and I Love Myself! in paperback, kindle or audio book versions.

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