10 Common Nutritional Mistakes

If you were living out some nutritional habits that were working against you, wouldn’t you want to know? Your body’s health is important, but what if you are handling your nutritional decisions the wrong way? Many people approach the subject of nutrition more from what they read in marketing than they do hard, proven facts. […]

8 Reasons Why You Need to Pay Attention to Your Nutritional Lifestyle

We live in a double-minded culture when it comes to health. We obsess about our body’s getting into shape while we daily indulge into foods we know are not helping our overall health. With all the modern technologies we have access to, one thing that has certainly not improved in our nutritional health. About 3 […]

A Way I Can Help You Develop Solid Nutrition Habits [Video]

In helping hundreds and hundreds of people, I have found that the majority of people have some form of weight issue, food issue or pattern where they are not getting the proper nutrition in their life for optimum health. Endless battles with energy levels, fogginess of the mind and overall sluggishness seem to be way too commonplace […]