Why I Believe You Should Write What You Know

I run across many people who I encourage to write. Whether it be a testimony, blog, small booklet or a full length book, I believe there is tremendous untapped writing potential out there. I exhort many pastors to start writing. I feel there are business people out there who have a story to tell and principles to teach. Many dads and moms need to document the jewels they have gained in raising children. I do not believe writing should be left to the “professionals,” whatever that means.

Too many shrug the idea of pursuing writing, usually because they feel inferior or overwhelmed with what it may take to write a book. I would like to take a shot at encouraging you to stop putting it off. Take those things that have been floating in your heart; experiences, testimonies, principles learned and put them down on paper.

Here are the reasons I write and I believe you should write:

1. Our culture does a lot of reading.

Even those who say they do not read or do not like to read are checking social feeds, reading emails and texting friends. Our culture is filled with word, a lot of which can be very shallow and without divine purpose. Newspapers, magazines, web blogs, e-readers, tablets, paper books and smart phones have created endless possibilities for you to distribute your words. With the growth of self-publishing, you don’t even need to know someone to publish a book. You just need to make time to do it. The excuses are being removed.

2. You can touch someone who may not talk to you in person.

There are so many people who I know would not talk to me about their struggle in person, but would be very open to reading my books or blog entries. They receive encouragement without ever talking to me in person.

Modern culture is very untrusting, so they often emotionally hide for fear of being shamed, exposed or hurt. Because of relational breakdowns that are exploding, people become more and more private with their struggles. Although face to face conversation is always ideal, often people need a doorway to begin pursuing help. A written story, testimony or teaching can give someone the initial courage to go further in their pursuit of greater health and freedom.

Written word goes beyond our physical capabilities to be in front of people. In fact, written word lives beyond our span of life on this planet! You can share your story with the person who is in front of you, but your book or writing project can touch people while you are sleeping or even passed from this life.

3. Writing establishes who you are and what you believe.

Taking the time to write helps to solidify your identity and flesh out what your values and beliefs are. As you form each word and phrasing, you solidify more and more what you stand for and what you feel to be important. I have found that as I write, I am challenged to understand why I believe the way I believe. It develops a firm foundation for where I feel God is leading my life.

4. Writing helps to spread the expertise you carry.

The odds are high that you are an expert in something. I may be the first person to tell you this, but its true. Your expertise may not lie in forensic autopsies, but you carry an expertise in something. Whether it be knowing how to grow as a mother with a lot of kids, you have maneuvered through a tragic lost or have overcome some emotional obstacles of the past, you have something to offer your generation. If you do not believe this, then we have to address strongholds of thinking that do not allow you to see the value in who God made you to be and the message you were meant to carry.

Who cares if only a few people see your work! Society thinks you are only successful if your writing goes viral or you sell millions of books. That’s not God’s definition. He just wants you to be faithful with those He has called you to reach and serve. Quite possibly your experience in writing can help one person receive the encouragement needed to make major life changes. I think its time to believe you have something from God inside you that is of value to offer to your world.

5. No one has a story like you do.

If it comes to writing something that involves your story, no one has the same exact story as you do. Although all our stories have similar threads that are common, each experience has a special thumbprint that is particular to that one person. There may be many stories out there of overcoming depression, but no one has heard yours. The bookstore may be filled with stories of forgiveness, weight loss, marriage restoration or healing from brokeness, but the bookstore does not have your story. That is the cool thing about written word. There is always room for more!

6. Written word increases the power of your testimony.

Because your story is unique, it needs to be heard. Putting it down on paper will help leverage your testimony to a higher level.

For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Revelation 19:10 NKJV

The testimony of what God has done through Jesus Christ is extremely powerful. When shared, the testimonial carries the prophetic power of God to touch and transform lives. In fact, the prophetic anointing of every testimony releases the divine power for what God did in your life to be repeated in those who hear it!

Ever read something and subtly think, wow that happened for them? It could happen to me and for me! That is the power of the testimony. Writing it down will give your testimony room to travel even further than you think. And with the advantage of technology, it could possibly reach the globe.

7. You leave a legacy for the next generation.

Recently I went through my family tree to understand my heritage more. It was very helpful to find some documentation of names, places and country origins. What an amazing thing it would have been if I found a book, documenting all the interesting or amazing things that took place, good or bad in my family?

Whether you have children or not, you are not just living for yourself, you are living to create a platform for the next generation to launch from. Get a bigger picture for your life by documenting the works of God in your life. Keep a book of pictures, journal entries and stories of God’s work. I currently keep an electronic journal of stories of my family that my children can look back at and receive the blessing and appreciation of what was paved for their life. I also write, knowing I am plowing soil for the Kingdom that generations ahead of me will be blessed by.

Your project does not have to be a huge book. It can be a booklet, set of journals or a online blog. Whatever it may be, take this new year to get writing!

Question: Where do you need to get writing?