When You Have Had Enough

Why nothing will change unless you want it bad enough.

One of the saddest experiences in life is when you try to help someone who deep down, does not really want to change. They come to the gate, saying they want change, but their attitude and life choices reflect a different story.

What we are often saying is that “we want to change” but “we don’t want to be uncomfortable.” Yet the only way to pursue dynamic change is to step into the unknown, facing the enemies and opposition to our transformation like a mighty determined warrior. Facing discomfort is not a problem to a warrior, because he has true change set in his sights.

Awakening The Warrior Within

The picture above from the movie 300 shows the spiritual tenacity we should all carry as believers for change—both in our own lives and in the land around us. Imbedded in your spiritual DNA is a warrior—someone capable of bringing the power of the Kingdom of God, while destroying the works of darkness. This identity cannot manifest through a passive heart, but one full of life and passion. The heart of a warrior seeks change into all that God has available!

For too many, the warrior has been sapped from their life. They have either lost a vision of the spiritual war around them or they lost passion in themselves somewhere along the way. This drains the determination to change, because the warrior within needs to rise up if we really want to see change in our lives and in the world.

In order for change to occur, we must come to a sober awareness of what it takes for a warrior to enter into a true place of change and transformation.

Qualities of Warriors Who Walk into Change

1. No One Can Want Your Change More than You Do. 

The heart of a warrior knows that motivation and passion must come from within. We cannot rely on another person for the desire to change. If we wait for it to simply fall on us, we may end up waiting a lifetime, wasting years where we could be pouring out to the world.

The moment someone wants change more than you do, the relationship can become codependent and false-burden bearing for them. Many people get angry and offended because someone didn’t help them the way they wanted them to. But at the end of the day, they are not the primary source of responsibility for change in your life. You have to want change more than anyone else around you. From this place, everything flows. No one can give you the “want to.” This must be a work within your own heart that is fed and guarded.

2. You Probably Wont Change Until Its Hurts Enough That You Have To.

The reality is that so many are looking for comfort more than anything else. Change is not as high of priority, because we become accustomed to things just happening for us and being easy. We have so many luxuries in life that we forget the sweat and persistent work that goes into seeing things come to be.

In losing the warrior spirit, we have been lulled into a deep sleep, wanting to relax more than to become spiritually fit. Our condition of passivity has allowed destruction to wreak havoc around us, but we are often too tired and not awake enough to even notice. We only react when the issues really hit the fan and start creating massive eruptions. At this point, its almost too late. Thank God, because of His grace, we get continual chances to wake up and show up as a warrior.

The majority of people that seek for help, from a pastor, counselor, therapist or coach are often at a deep threshold of pain that could have been avoided if they faced the issue a long time ago. The big problem we have to face is that most of the time we have no interest in changing or improving ourselves, because we just want to remain comfortable. We’ll change if its easy, but it doesn’t work that way.

The reason the warrior does not rise up is because we want to avoid discomfort at all costs. Yet the world of change is only welcome to those who are willing to break out of what is comfortable to pursue the greater potential in their life.

We also have to ask ourselves at this stage, do I really want to change, or am I just looking to alleviate the pain in my life? If change is what we are looking for, then discomfort is not a deterrence, because we have our eyes on the bigger picture for our life—dynamic  transformation.

3. You Have to Expect Resistances to Change. 

Any kind of massive change is going to illicit spiritual resistance. Our enemy has no desire to relent in pushing us back from our God-given potential. So when we decide to make a change—whether its to become more spiritually alert, lose weight, be more present at home, face fear, break out of lethargy, overcome depression—you have to expect there will be opposition.

There will come all kinds of distractions to keep you from your God-given potential. You will encounter road blocks, feelings of loss of desire, lack of motivation, discouragement and more. Many Christians believe when this occurs that it must mean its not God’s will or something. This is because they have lost the understanding of war—fighting the battle and staying the course.

When resistance comes, we have to see it as an opportunity for the warrior to rise up and grow to new levels. A warrior is not just saying, “God change this circumstance” but “change me!” When we personally grow and change, the situations will have to shift under the transformation that is taking place in our lives. 

Please know, your determination will be tested. Your full potential will be opposed. You will be fought at many turns, but in the end, God wants the powerful warrior that you are to rise up and manifest.

In the Scriptures, Paul’s call was that we understand what it means, not only to be warriors that conquer, but to be more than conquerers. 

Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. Romans 8:37 NKJV

Warrior, rise up and let change be ushered in!

Question: How bad do you want to change? Which one of the 3 points do you need to have a greater awareness about in your life?