When You Do for Others But Neglect Yourself

Our culture is jam-packed with people that have poured out to others, but ignore and neglect themselves. As a result, it reflects in their personal life, their relationship with God and their overall health. 

We live in a day and age where it seems that people can easily give advice to others, pour out to others or teach others certain things they need to do, but in reality that is not practiced within themselves. 

The myth that we often believe is that because we see someone giving out, they must be also receiving, loving themselves and caring for themselves. Many times, too often, this is not true. 

Too much of our giving out is a performance based lifestyle. We are not giving out of what we have received, so no wonder we are not seeing transformation and many are burned out.

In this episode, we want to encourage you to live in a healthy flow, where your greatest power comes out of what you have received and cultivated in your own life. 

Video Broadcast:

In this episode we talk about:

  • The consequences of ignoring and neglecting yourself.
  • Why do we ignore and neglect ourselves?
  • What can we do to start making some healthy changes?

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