Tormenting Fear is Not From God

On the authority of God’s Word, I can freely tell you this with complete confidence: tormenting fear does not come from God. Let this truth become a personal revelation as it sinks deeply into your heart and brings illumination and peace. For me, receiving this realization in my heart brought a sense of peace that breathed fresh air into my life. Allow the Holy Spirit to remind you of this when fear of any kind is knocking on your door: it is not from Him.

As simple as it seems, this thought is something that many fail to utilize in their battle against fear. Your first line of defense when fear rears its ugly head is that you can say with great assurance, “This is not from God!” God is consumed with how much He loves us, not by how he can sadistically torment us, yet many are still perplexed on this matter.

Anxiety, panic attacks or worry are not in God’s nature, nor does He use it to speak to people or motivate them. From that understanding, we have an advantage against our enemy’s deception with a greater level of discernment.

Too many Christians get confused in their war against their spiritual enemy because they blame God for calamities He never sent and they give Him credit for fears that He did not send. God designed the “fight or flight” response system in our bodies, but He did not intend for it to be abused by stress and tormenting anxiety. His desire is for us to walk in faith, hope, love and peace.

Too many blame God for their anxiety, panic and even sickness. Because so many are struggling to obtain victory over fear, they end up saying that God put it on them to teach them something. They end up changing their beliefs based on their lack of triumph over fear. In the end, God’s character and power are compromised and diluted in their lives.

God is not the author of evil, nor does He tempt humanity with evil. He loves the entire planet. Before we ever loved Him, He loved us so much that He sent His Son to die. It is imperative that we do not disgrace His character by blaming fear and anxiety attacks that come our way upon God. He is a loving Father who only wants good things for His children.

It is also important to remember that God has certainly placed us into a spiritual battlefield to establish His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. As a part of this battle, fear presents itself as one of our foes.

The good news is that God through Christ Jesus has given us the spiritual weapons and artillery to stand up against this adversary and defeat it. In addition to spiritual authority, God has given us His all encompassing and unconditional love that has the power to cast out fear and its effects. Unfortunately, too many souls have lost the battle against fear at the starting gate because they do not even know who their enemy is and they have become ignorant of satan’s devices.

Question: Where do you need to take a stand against fear in your life?