The Gospel: Good News from a Good God

The power of the Gospel is the delivery of good news from a good God who loves you and has a new journey available to you. But as we navigate a healing and freedom journey, it is worth asking, “What gospel was I given?”

Have our lives been taught and shown the powerful work of the Gospel to bring about good news in the darkest and most broken places of our hearts?

The world is filled with a narrative that beats you down every day. The pain, disappointment, tragedy, wars, conflicts, losses and hardships all wear away at your heart to get used to ingesting bad news. This bad news perspective can be right amongst the believers. This bad news influence can infect your perspective, where good news, seems too good to be true.

Yet the power of good news is available to you and I today. Its the power of who God is in the midst of where we are. Everywhere something terrible is going on, there is a message of good news available to all who are willing to receive.

The gospel delivers the opportunity to connect with God Himself. The power of the cross and resurrection bring us into an encounter with a Good God.


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