The Gospel: Do You Actually Need It?

Are you aware of the need your heart has for a deeper work of God in your life?

The power of the gospel is available for the one who realizes they have need. The gospel is freely available to the poor, but many do not actually realize that they are poor.

When most people think of poor, we automatically think of people in deep financial lack. But this word can mean so much more than that. Who are the poor? You and I. Poor can actually speak of a spiritual condition, where you realize your deep spiritual need for God. Poor can speak of humility. You realize that in and of yourself, you are spiritually bankrupt and you position yourself to receive all that your heart longs for from God.

The Gospel brings good news from a good Father who loves you and wants to heal your heart, bring freedom to captivity and set you up as a strong tree of righteousness. But the power of the gospel is ready for those who actually recognize their need for it.

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