The Difference Between Fear & Faith | Fear & Wisdom

How do you know if you are operating in fear or in faith? What about wisdom? How can you know if you are operating in fear or in wisdom.

Many times we say, “this isn’t fear, it’s faith!” or “This isn’t fear, it’s wisdom!”

Can I encourage you to take a step back and allow some deeper growth? Sometimes we can be so intense in defending our position, opinions and directions, that we don’t grow in how we discern and assess our thinking. And that causes us to lose wisdom.

You need wisdom. You need faith. But we also need to learn how to develop our awareness, so we can grow in breaking free from the fear factor.

All of us have areas of fear that we can break through. In this video, I want to help you contrast the work of fear and the work of faith, while also bringing wisdom into the picture. I want to share with you how you can begin walking in wisdom today.

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