The Christian, the Bible and Narcissism

Christian and Narcissism

What does the Bible have to say about narcissism? There is so much talk about narcissists in psychology, but is it actually something the Bible mentions? If so, how can we discern its work in our upbringing, our relationships, churches and communities? In this broadcast, I will address what narcissism is and how to pick […]

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Keeping Your Sanity in a World of Lawlessness

What is lawlessness and how can we be discerning about the growing influence of lawlessness in our world? How can you navigate your mental health and maintain your sanity in the midst of a world that wholeheartedly embraces lawless living as a way of life? DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | RSS

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Mental Health and the End Times

I have never heard the end times and mental health talked about in the same talk. But today, I want to talk them together, so we can navigate our journey in a healthy and fruitful way. In this broadcast, I will describe “5 Types of End Timers,” four of which can be detrimental to your […]

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